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holD up和sEt BACk的区别

set up 建立 hold School will hold a trip。 学校要搞个旅行 hold your position 别动

用set up ! 创建公司 set up a company hold up 举起;阻挡;拦截

5. Work on the new theatre has been set back three months. 兴建新剧院的工作误了三个月. hold up举起、支撑、阻挡 1. If you park the car in the...

don't hold it back 不要犹豫不决 while you're...You should set them free (so they say)But it...But I tell you never give upIf you love ...

He tried to dress himself up as superman. They set off for New York this morning. I already told you, you should have taken the umbrella with you. He ought to have come this morning. The accident held up the traffic nearly an h...

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