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among all the others 在所有其它因素中 双语例句 1 Among all others the only effective factor studied here is base pressure. 剔除了其它因素,研究压力单一因素对地基刚度的影响。 The regime for him is not one branch of human activit...

among others 是除了其他的以外,其实把它理解成等等就好了

在其他的当中 比如说: He is the best among others. 他在其他(人中)当中是最好的。 This color is the best among others. 这个颜色在其他(颜色)当中是最好的

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: .among others 在其它人中间 其它那些之中

原文:Among others you can invest in a joint venture with a Chinese partner,or establish a business independently,that is,set up a company solely funded and owned by a foreign investor. 等你可以投资于一家合资企业的中方合作伙伴...

[the others;other] 同“其他”,但只用于事情11. 其他 qítā(1) [other;...[among;in (which)] 那里面;那中间乐在其中其jī基本字义1. 〔郦食(yì)...


Try to be the best among the others in a game call the "spider battle"It doesn't matter who is the best now. Those were the days of my pastA...

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