ǰλãҳ >> Look!ThErE ArE__on thE DEskΪʲôѡtwo glAssEs ... >>

Look!ThErE ArE__on thE DEskΪʲôѡtwo glAssEs ...

ΪareԸglassesжǸbasketǵԡ ~~~~ԭش𣬼Ҫӭ׷ʡ(*^__^*) ~~~~

D.there are ----------

һʾ Are your glasses on the desk ? ϶شYes, they are. 񶨻ش: No, they aren't.

Ļشthere beͼС˼beĵɺӵʵĵġAȱν

Ĵȷģͷʦˡ 绮ߵǡthree glasses ofĻôʾ How much milk is there on the desk ĿֻǻthreeĻشȷþᡣ ףѧϰһ¥ ׼ʱ׷...

There are

C νһ¡ һȫװ䣬νﶯʸݺжϡas well asӵӦas well asǰжϡa pair of glasses ĴΪpairglassesʴѡC

B ⣺㿴ҵ۾ûҲܶ顣ҿˣDzݾ⣬֪һǿڵӰ죬ûҲܶ飬ʱݺbut they are not there now֪...

just nowǸո was

desk, factory)ͼ(ʾΪһ...bus buses glass glasses watch watches ...There are two cups of tea on the table. ...

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