ǰλãҳ >> Look!ThErE ArE__on thE DEskΪʲôѡtwo glAssEs ... >>

Look!ThErE ArE__on thE DEskΪʲôѡtwo glAssEs ...

ΪareԸglassesжǸbasketǵԡ ~~~~ԭش𣬼Ҫӭ׷ʡ(*^__^*) ~~~~

һʾ Are your glasses on the desk ? ϶شYes, they are. 񶨻ش: No, they aren't.

D.there are ----------

۾ϡ Your glasses are on the desk.

C νһ¡ һȫװ䣬νﶯʸݺжϡas well asӵӦas well asǰжϡa pair of glasses ĴΪpairglassesʴѡC

B ⣺㿴ҵ۾ûҲܶ顣ҿˣDzݾ⣬֪һǿڵӰ죬ûҲܶ飬ʱݺbut they are not there now֪...

just nowǸո was

A ݴOn the desk.ϣ֪ʾʵص㣬whereѡA

desk, factory)ͼ(ʾΪһ...bus buses glass glasses watch watches ...There are two cups of tea on the table. ...

There are two chairs beside the desk. One is ...younger older of gray glasses This is a picture...to in of with at on far1. Look ___ her hair...

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